Penetration Testing:

We determine whether and how a malicious user can gain unauthorized access to assets that affect the fundamental security of the system, files, logs and/or cardholder data. A penetration test will help companies determine the weaknesses in their network, computer systems and applications. Our standard penetration method might contain a vulnerability assessment through conventional system and software testing or network security scanning alone. It is always good to know that you are locked down and the integrity of your data, company information, client information and personal information is secured.

Note: Because of the nature and the intent of penetration testing, such testing in a production environment during normal business hours may impact business operations, and attempts to avoid disruption may increase the time, resources and complexity of the testing. This is especially important for high availability systems that may be impacted by penetration testing in a production environment. To avoid disruptions and to speed up testing, a separate environment that is identical to the production environment may be used for testing instead of the production environment. The penetration tester would need to ensure the same application and network-layer controls as production exist in the testing environment. This may be accomplished through methods to map out the production environment to verify it matches the testing environment. This should be included in the rules of engagement. All exploitable vulnerabilities identified during the testing must be corrected on production systems and testing repeated to verify that security weaknesses have been addressed.

Remote Support

This option allows us to work with our clients in real time or after hours. This, of course, is not for everyone. But there are certain situations (such as Windows updates – especially on servers) where working after hours is the only way to get something done. I have run into numerous instances where a client had a problem but didn’t have time for me to work on said problem until they were out of the office. Remote support – perfect solution.

VOIP Services

We also offer small business VOIP services through 8X8. If you need a quote, please click the button bellow this sentence.