MinerLab Pro

MinerLab Pro specializes in network design, security, maintenance, and policies. We also specialize in virus removal, data recovery, hardware and software upgrades and more. We’re a comfortable and affordable solution to real world threats without breaking the bank! We will strive to make your experience with us a personalized one.

Welcome to MinerLab Pro!

About Us

MinerLab Pro is a Computer Technician service founded by John Miner.


MinorLab Pro offers a variety of affordable Computer Services for your business and home.


MinerLab Pro is located at 118 Saratoga Ave. in Mechanicville, NY.


I can’t count the number of times John has come to my rescue when I’ve needed help with general technical support, viruses and malware. John’s years of experience and patience makes every call quick with a positive outcome. Most recently he came to the rescue for malware issues. I have 7 year old twin boys that love computer games and they don’t always click on safe things. somehow they clicked on something that took over my browser. i was getting pop ups, ads on every page I went to and my home page was changed to a list of all kinds of kid’s computer games for sale. Every time I went to a different website it was somehow adding a column on the right with more game ads. It took John about 5 minutes to figure out the issue and it was fixed after just a few more minutes. John also installed better antivirus and malware software. The kids are still playing games and I’ve had zero issues since his help! Thanks John!

Doug Seib

Media Artist, Dose Productions

Having my computer hacked was not only scary, it threatened my privacy, identity and my livelihood. The hackers had access on a level that was so severe I was at the point where buying a new computer wasn’t going to resolve the root of the problem. John transformed this nightmare into a friendly and personal experience that left me feeling grateful for his trustworthy and informative approach. In just a few hours he battled a hacker group, locked them out of the network, found hidden files, increased my fraud protection, restored my firewall and upgraded all of my software the hackers had downgraded. John reminded me that good things can come out of bad experiences.

Erica Edwards

Writer | Photographer

John has been a fantastic source of information & assistance. He not only provided a professional relocation to our new office, but he was able to educate myself and my staff on the new equipment.
He has provided us with continuing support, as necessary & is always there when we need him!

Jeslyn Bell

Regional Director, APPS Paramedical